Audio Recording, Production, and Songwriting

Conrod photography provides audio recording and audio support to various aspects of the music and general audio industry . Some of those services include songwriting, music arranging, audio recording, audio mixing, audio production, website services, various music promotional material including still and video Imaging.

Please contact us regarding the particular needs of your audio project.

Because we can do everything from the actual writing of the song, thru all aspects of the recording, the imaging, the song promo video’s, and beyond, we are happy to help you will all, or perhaps only a single aspect of your project. Whatever your needs dictate. 

Some other audio based projects run

by Conrod photography are:

www. Last Night at Conrods .com

www. Captain Cowzod .com

 ** Riding a high from industry praise on his Rock / Country / Pop  mixing and producing, Arnie continues to write and take his music thru the whole process under the writing and recording band name –

Captain Cowzod and the Endangered Cats


– Click here to hear a full STUDIO VERSION of

  “How do you feel?


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