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Arnie Conrod – Photographer

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, spending my early boyhood years in the Eastern Shore and Shubenacadie areas being mischievous in ways too disquieting to remember. I have long since reformed and although I never thought I would live in Clayton Park, Nova Scotia, I am happy to now call it home.

Despite my fear of sounding cliché, my interest in photography really did begin at the young age of six (true story!). I would “borrow” my Grandpa’s Kodak box camera and explore Grandpa and Grandma’s house. It is rumoured that my first words were “more film please”. Here is one of the first images I can remember taking, that of my Grandpa standing in the kitchen (notice the knee high vantage point). It was these early adventures that started me on an interesting and exciting career that I now enjoy as a full-time photographer. (see image below)

Although I love shooting aerials because it is the closest I will ever get to being a pilot, my true love, second to my wife of course, is photographing people, both in the studio and on location. It is my belief that every person has a beauty about them. I get to know each client and endevour to keep them relaxed so that I can capture their personality. With children and adults alike, I do whatever it takes to bring the emotion out that we are trying to convey and I feel a great satisfaction when I see the results.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to train under some of the best photographers in North America. As photographers, owe it to our clients to never stop training so we can absorb as many trends and techniques as possible, so we can continue to progress and make the best images we can. I also attribute much of my success to Pam, my best friend and wife. Pam worked in the photo retail industry for many years and brings that experience as well as her own style of photography to Conrod Photography. We love to shoot together as our styles are quite different and compliment each other nicely. As a couple, we continue to train and photograph, both locally and internationally.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you. We are confident that we can deliver the high quality images that you deserve.

Update   –   Video  –  Audio

Although photography is still what Arnie is predominately known for, his video work continues to increase as it has become a necessity for any small entity to have in their advertising formula.  Since the days of mixing amateur VHS video and cassettes for local bands, video has been a ongoing fascination.

AUDIO – Ever the life long, die hard music fan, his exposure to a number of music artist managers, combined with the Live sound training he’s had, made the progression in music recording and producing a natural one.  ….. stay tuned…….

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